July 11th, 2022

My first entry in here! Whoo, where to start?

So my winter break has been much better than the one before it. 'Think it's because I've learned to actually know the difference between actual friends and cool classmates (oh, and people who don't show up to hang out even when you ask them more than once.) A week ago I got to hang out with a friend that I haven't seen in about a year. It was real fun. We had lunch at Superhiro and played Taiko together. Couldn't hang out with my other friend this break because he was busy which was a shame. But yet again, I hang out with him every break...

For stuff I did for myself, a couple of weeks ago I ended up applying to Carls Jr. for a second time. And they gave me an interview the next day, and then at 6PM that same day I got an email saying that I got the position. Now that's a big deal to me because the only work I've done within the past year was fortnightly volunteering work, which I didn't get payed for. Now I'll actually get payed a salary and don't have to wait thrice a year to get money for myself!

On the gaming side of things, I managed to get two games off my backlog, one of which I've played on and off for about six months: Advance Wars 2 and Klonoa 2. Advance Wars 2 was really good and definetly better than the original in almost everyway (except in UI tbh.) Now Klonoa 2 I regret playing because I honestly didn't like it. It's not the worst thing in the world but considering how much I liked the first game, I feel as though it's a shame that it's sequel doesn't have much for me to talk about.

Speaking of Klonoa, Phantasy Reverie Series came out on Friday! And it's doing really well? It's in the Steam Top Sellers in certain parts of the world and the Switch version got onto the Top 10 on Amazon at some point. Even though this mainly has happened because of #klonoasweep, it's really nice that Bandai Namco gave this series another chance in the modern day and it is actually doing well which is crazy. Hopefully this means that cancelled movie can become greenlight again. Either that or I buy the Klonoa Nendoroid.

Wish the same would happen for Advance Wars but consider how much the Russo-Ukraine War is effecting the world and the parallels between what has happened in comparisson to Advance Wars 1 then yeah seems fair that it probably won't come out anytime soon.

Oh yeah, school's coming up in a couple of days. And for my Media SAT I need to not only produce a short film but also submit it to a local film festival. The pre-production's due next week. I've nailed down the pitch and synopsis but I'm having trouble with the script. Because I'm the type of person who imagines the narrative in storyboards first, and writes the script later. I'm looking forward to animating it though! Since most film festivals allow you to make films on whatever you're passionate about, there's more creative freedom than just a regular SAT. The synopsis goes a little something like this:

"Archie is a young, enthusiastic rabbit with an interest in superheroes, with the comic turned successful TV series ‘Rabbot’ being his main point of interest. But one day, he is called upon by his mother to enter into the new world of school, he is conflicted on how to act infront of everyone, jumping and twitching amongst a plethora of other behaviours. With his hand-crafted ‘Rabbot’ mask, Archie will have to either mask up, or unravel his secret identity to the world."

I'm honestly really enjoying producing this film even though I've barely done anything. I should just write an entire journal-styled blog detailing the production of it... alongside the reception and everything! (May probably have to do it on a more general platform... don't want my school finding out about this site tbh... nor do I want my full name and everything on here.)

(concept art for those who want to see the little doobie...)