August 20th, 2022

Second entry here, with not much to say considering I've been at school and I'm half-way through the term. Hate it as usual with VET turning from a disaster into a saving grace of each week as I've finally finished my container animation (which I'll not post here, as I'm thinking of creating my own portfolio site for uni if I get a high enough ATAR to attend Swimburne or RMIT against my will... you know... just in case...)

Four days in, I'm okay with what I do at the front-of-house. Cleaning the dinning area, taking orders at the register, making shakes and other activites are fine. I just wish my managers would actually take their time teaching me and wouldn't rush my training right up untill peak-hour. Also on a side note, when I'm half-way through my shift, I feel like it should be over already.

For school, next week I'll be overloaded with due SATs and upcoming SACs, but most of my long weekend so-far has been busy so I can't cram in the time to do things like usual. I hate doing SACs and SATs, because even if I get a really good results or I actually make an effort to properly prepare for it because I care about the subject matter, the results and feedback feel like nothing. It doesn't help matters when your parents usually tell you that you have to do better and that they took some of your NDIS funding to get you an OT to specifically help you with studying once a week. I know my friends in real life tell me that even if I don't get good marks it won't be the end of the world, but with expectations and things emplaced specifically for you to succeed it's hard not to feel that way. When I have really bad days because of these expectations, I really debate dropping out for TAFE or just dropping out all together (Anyways, I'll just put this here since it expresses my exact frustrations with school and what-not.)

Now aside from my ramblings about day-to-day life, it's time to talk about something fun. (that weren't planned.) Yesterday, my sister and I managed to sneak in a visit to Chadstone because my brother was also going there. Here's some pictures of stuff I though was noteworthy [Mainly just stuff I'd like because it's cute ahahah]


One thing that I didn't take a picture here was a manga I recently torrented (It's called 'A Brother's Husband' btw) and a A6 Muji Notebook I turned into a budget manager. I've thought about getting something on the lines of that from the brand OTTO, since I've owned their Study Planner and found it really helpful for school. However, I did some research online and their budget planner didn't look right for me. So I made do and slapped my own cover and format on it. And I planned it all out before hand on my computer.

Now in terms of me consuming media in the past month, I haven't done much obviously.

On long road trips like therapists apointments, I've been rewatching Lain and gotten into Madoka Magica. For Lain, I haven't touched it since late 2020 and was only half-way through when I decided to drop it. I haven't gotten up to the episode where I dropped the series yet but I like it. Nice themes about technology that are especially relevant now. For Madoka, I'm up to Episode 4 of the original TV series and it's a solid Magical Girl show. I'll say more or may write a review when I'm done watching it... (On a side note I hate both of these series fandoms they're icky.)

On the gaming side of things, I've been reading 'The 25th Ward' which I've had installed on my computer since December last year and only now decided to read it because I ran a random name wheel on the PC games I owned when I had COVID-19 in late July and it landed on that. I've only read Correctness and Match Maker so-far, but I think it's one of those things where it's confusing but in a really good way (Like with 'Everything Everywhere All At Once.') Likewise with Madoka and Lain I'll probably have to write reviews on them...