Video Games

Vimm's Lair USA Roms + Manuals & Emulators.
CDRomance Pre-patched ROMS (Translations & Mods.)
Moriya Shrine TouHou offical/doujin content archive.
hShop 3DS content archive + homebrew content.
NoPayStation PSX/PS3/PSVITA/PSP content archive.
CFWaifu Homebrew guides for various consoles.
Emulation Wiki Emualtion guides/links.
Locale Emulator Allows PC to open region-locked .exes.
MyAbandonWare PC game archive.
VitaDB PSVita homebrew DB.
TJA3Player Taiko simulator for PC.
Theme Plaza Upload/Download custom themes for 3DS
Yabiko Wixsite with Petz content.


Yugen Anime streaming site.
MyFigureCollection Anime/Manga merch database/forum.
Soap2Day Movie streaming site. Also has Anime movies.


HTML Cheat Sheet Self-explanatory.
Transparent Textures CSS site backgrounds. File-hosting w/ links (Great for CSS and small files.)
Cursors4U CSS Cursors.
Heart143's HTML/CSS Tutorials Self-explanatory.
W3 School HTML/CSS Visualiser.
Google Fonts Fonts for CSS.
Vastrec's Webmaster Resources A long list of helpful HTML/CSS sites!
Dynamic Drive Code for various things in DHTML/Javascript (i.e. timers, etc.)


Repth's HTML Themes Self-explanatory. Includes mobile responsive themes.
Websets by Lynn's HTML Backgrounds Self-explanatory.
Rarebit HTML Template for web comics.
Stamp Heaven's Stamp Templates Self-explanatory.


Picclick eBay Search Alternative.
Zenmarket Japan shopping proxy. Second-hand store w/ rare stuff.
WunderWelt Second-hand lolita fashion store.


Zenius I Vanisher DB/Map of Arcades + Cabinets.
Omnibus GetComics Alternative
MLP France MLP Gen 4 Episodes.
Poly.Pizza Google Poly archive.
ToneIndicators.carrd Guide to tonal indicators.
ClownfredZone's Trans Resources Great info for trans people and allies.
Not BR Free Bionic Reading site.
Lost Media Wiki Extensive resource/forum on lost media.