OzComicCon (12/6/2022)

Today was my second time going to a con and it was worser than the first? I mean, I still enjoyed going to the Artist's Valley, playing rhythm games and hanging out with my friends at the convention but it did not feel as good as it the first time around.

What killed it for me were two things; Overcrowed and Repetitve. At least a third of the people going to the convention today where parents and their infants in strollers and I honestly don't know why. Wasn't a major thing last time so why was it so today? And what I meant by repetitive is that half of the Artist Valley prints were Genshin stuff. There was at least some diversity this year with more furry stuff like Sonic but that's definetly because of the second movie.

Now with all the negative stuff out of the way, I'll just talk about the personal highlights for me. First off, they had a fair amount of rhythm games in the Animanga side of the convention. I mainly played Taiko and Sound Vortex, with the latter being a first for me.

Second of all, there was a good selection of figures at the venues, mainly for Love Live at least. Didn't buy any though because I'm honestly done with figures. Would definetly get the Heanna and Ren by FuRyu if I could.

And lastly, the Artist Valley had more Ace Attorney stuff, even stuff of Great Ace! I don't know how to hang up prints, but I'll have to get something from Woolworths to stick them up on my wall...

Also got some keychains and vinyl stickers, alongside a badge of Apollo Justice because I had a two dollar coin lying around. Overall, I'm very happy with the hall (although I do regret getting the Knuckles print before the keychain...)